Plaster – machine made plaster

They are versatile. This method is perfect for each type of base, and may be applied over utilities of different purpose. Our experience proved their high calibre. The surfaces covered with plaster are pleasant to touch, and the rooms are worm an cosy. This material regulates humidity by absorbing or emit the steam. In case of the high temperature the natural properties of the plaster emit the steam what gives protection against the fire. Walls covered with plaster have low coefficient of heat permeating what lowers the cost of heating. The fact that the plaster has PH similar to PH of human skin makes the plaster human friendly.


low degree of coming off, resistant to rubbing, easy to paint, possibility of papering, tiling, regulates the climate in the rooms, fireproof.

Attics insulation and partition walls from plasterboard.

At the request of the client we offer:

Building insulation with polystyrene and mineral wool with the usage of KABE and RYFIX elevation plasters.

At the request of the client we apply and install elevation stucco.
Additionally we install wooden paneling at the ceiling.

Flooring with mixokret

These are made mechanically what ensures better precision than flooring applied in traditional way. The time of drying is reduced by half and mechanical rubbing makes flooring smooth and dustless. The company equipped with the appropriate machines is able to apply 100m2 flooring daily. Manufacturers of floor heating recommend this type of flooring.

Painting the inside of the house is done with Caporol paints.

At the request of the client we install polystyrene stucco.

Project and realization Łukasz Papst 2008
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